Cultivate an authentic conversation with your audience to enhance their product journey.

The only Product Relationship Management Platform designed for engagement around the products your customers love.

Use the products you sell to create unparalleled customer connections.

With Blustream, you now have a direct connection with your customers after they've purchased your products.

We use real-time product usage data to trigger personalized messages to your customers, including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, sent at exactly the right time, to increase revenue, referrals, and retention.

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Connect with customers like never before.

Getting started is easy! We only need a few pieces of information (company, contacts), and we’ll handle the rest.

Register your company today and watch your revenue, retention, and loyalty grow!

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Blustream Analytics Dashboard

Do you know how your customers are using your products?

With our Blustream, you can easily monitor how customers are using your products, see detailed product usage trends, and segment your customers by how they are interacting with your products.

Product usage data unlocks a fast and inexpensive way to build relationships with your customers. It is no wonder why owners, CEOs, and marketing leaders love our platform!

The Benefits of After-Sale Engagement

Drive Revenue

Connect directly with your customers as they use your product to offer timely purchase recommendations.

Improve Retention

Build brand loyalty and increase sales by delivering the right product information at the right time.

Increase Referrals

Understand how customers use their products and share trustworthy recommendations that lead to customer referrals.

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