We power businesses to help customers succeed with the products they love.

Traditional SMS marketing tools are not built for product success, they're built for promotion. Let us show you the value of creating dynamic dialogue around your products.

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Double your revenue at 10x lower cost.

Blustream's Product Success Platform creates personalized customer experiences and drives revenue by creating unmatched first impressions and ongoing support for the products your customers love.


Our platform is uniquely built for after-sale product engagement.

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Automated Engagement

Automated contextual SMS engagements lead to product success and enjoyment.

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Unique Triggers

Start conversations based on triggers related to product usage, weather, and more.

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Usage Data

Gather relevant data about customers to turn product fans into product fanatics.​

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Powerful Segmentation

Segment customers based on product usage instead of purchase behavior.

Quick Start

Quick Start

Launch customers on a personalized journey with your products for greater success and satisfaction.

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Ongoing Care

Actively assist customers along the lifecycle of your products, to avoid issues or assist with troubleshooting.


Are you ready to create amazing first impressions?

Our product-centric platform is uniquely designed to provide your customers with unmatched first impressions and ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your products.


How it Works

Build messaging journeys for the owners of your products in our intuitive touchpoint manager.

Create landing pages and generate QR codes to launch your customers on an SMS journey with your products.

Engage in intelligent, two-way automated SMS conversations with your customers.

Gather relevant usage and consumer data to build better products and create richer customer profiles.


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For $4 per customer/ year you can drive revenue by enabling product success.

Host landing pages and engage in personalized, 2-way engagement with your customers. Drag the slider to the right to see pricing for your business.

More than 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.